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The Klinger Real Estate Group has been assisting distressed homeowners with their underwater properties through the use short sales since 2007.   If you're not sure what to do about your upside down mortgage on your home, give us a call.  There are essintially 9 different options available to assit you with avoiding foreclosure.  Call today and schedule your FREE No Obligation Consultation.  Call our Short Slae Expert Anna for more information (702) 339-9653 

Has your lender denied your loan modification?  Or are they dragging their feet with the paperwork?  You've sent it in 3 times, even certified mail.  Still not getting the response you want?  Call the Klinger Real Estate Group and we'll see if we can assist you with your loan mod or assist you with other options that may be available to you.  Did you know that the amount of foreclosure filings has risen drastically over the last few months.  Have you checked on your property yet?  If you previously received a Notice of Default you may want to check the dates.  Banks are moving forward with the foreclosure process and people are losing their homes to foreclosure.  Please take the steps to avoid foreclosure and seek the assistance of a proven successful short sale team.  You can reach the Klinger Real Estate Group's team of Henderson NV Short Sale Agents at 702-296-9736

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